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Brian’s music is available through Babel Scores Contemporary Music, and through the Canadian Music Centre, where he is an associate composer. You can also contact him about scores.

Orchestra, Wind Orchestra & Large Ensemble

Hum (2014), for 12 instruments, 13′
commissioned by Ensemble Paramirabo and Thin Edge New Music Collective

Outlands (2014), for chamber orchestra, 12′
commissioned and performed by the Glenn Gould School New Music Ensemble
conducted by Brian Current

Supposed Spaces (2010), for orchestra, 16′
performed by the McGill Symphony Orchestra

Path of Gorse (2008), for orchestra with dancer, 12′
commissioned and performed by Ensemble Euterpe
choreographed and danced by Geneviève Bolla of Evolucidanse

Dialectics (2005-2006), for wind ensemble, 13′
performed by the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra

Verge (2004-2005), for chamber orchestra, 13′
performed by the McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble (excerpt)

The Prince (2003), for orchestra, 13′

Small Ensemble & Chamber Music

Paths (2013-14), for string quartet, 15′
commissioned and performed by the Silver Birch String Quartet (two excerpts)

Sanctuary (2012-13), for septet (fl cl 2vln vla vc pf), 13′
commissioned and performed by the 5-Penny New Music Ensemble

En Masse (2012), for septet (fl cl tsax vln vc cb perc), 16′
commissioned and performed by New Music Concerts (two excerpts)

Enclosures (2010-2011), for trio (cl vla pf), 14′
commissioned and performed by Trio ’86 (three excerpts)

Inter/Contra (2010), for quintet (fl cl vln vla vc), 9′
commissioned and performed by Ensemble Portmantô

Gregarious Machines (2008), for nonet (fl cl bsn hn perc e.gtr vln vla vc) 13′
commissioned and performed by Ensemble Contemporain de Montréal+

Sink (2006), for nonet (fl cl ob hn perc vln vla vc cb), 8′
performed by the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne

Branches (2005), for saxophone quartet 8′

New Directions (2003-2004), for string quartet, 12′

Two Poems for Octet (2002), (sop fl cl vln vc 2perc pno), 10′

Three Images (2001-2002), for flute trio, 12′

Agitato (2001), brass quintet, 6′

Vocal & Choral

Skolia (2014), for soprano and violin, 9′
commissioned by nu:nord, performed by S. A. Johnsen and M. Benjamin (Oslo)
performed by Carla Huhtanen and Leslie Ting (Toronto)

Rituals and Tendencies (2011), 6 miniatures for chamber choir, 7′
commissioned and performed by the Wiener Jeunesse Kammerchor (three excerpts)

Sewing the Earthworm (2011), for soprano and piano 14′
commissioned by Canadian Art Song Project
performed by Carla Huhtanen and Steven Philcox (compilation of excerpts)

Three Rooms and a Lobby (2008), for SATB choir or chamber choir, 8′
commissioned and performed by VivaVoce Montreal

Deep-Fried Burrito (2007), for bass or bass-baritone and piano, 2′

A Divine Image (2003), for soprano, strings and percussion, 7′

Solo & Duo

Orbits (2014), for flute and sho, 9′
performed by Jeffrey Stonehouse and Naomi Sato

Still Life (2013), for solo piano with or without projected video, 7′
featuring performance artist Nina Arsenault, video by Danilo Ursini
commissioned by ∆TENT
performed by Jane Wood (two excerpts)

À la Fois (2012), for violin and cello, 12′
commissioned by Codes d’accès, Montreal
performed by Geneviève Liboiron and Emilie Girard-Charest (excerpt)

Leaning (2012), for solo clarinet, 3′
commissioned by nu:nord
performed by Mark Bradley of Portmantô

Surface (2010), for solo flute, 10′
performed by Luke Nickel

Fantasy (2004), for solo piano, 8′

2 Impromptus (2003), for solo piano, 5′

Nostalgic Rondo (2002), for solo violin, 9′

Waltz and Tarantella (2002), for flute and piano, 3′

Spring Window (2001), for violin and piano, 7′

A Divine Image (2003), for soprano, strings and percussion, 7′

Live & Pre-recorded Electronics

Concentricity (2008), for flute and live electronics, 10′
performed by Daria Binkowski

Farfelu (2005), for tenor saxophone and tape, 8′

Homeless (2004), for prerecorded tape, 7′


Qualité de l’air (2005), soundtrack for short film
directed by Anne Émond


Brian was a featured composer in Paul Steenhuisen’s SOUNDLAB podacst series in 2013. Listed to the free podcast, including many excerpts of Brian’s music, here.


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